A cold welcome : the Little Ice Age and Europe's encounter with North America /

Konu Europeans North America History. Indians of North America First contact with Europeans. Human beings Effect of climate on North America. Archaeology and history North America. North America History Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775. North America Discovery and exploration.
Yazar White, Sam,
ISBN/ISSN 9780674971929 (hardback)
Yıl 2017
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Fiziksel Özellikler xii, 361 pages :illustrations, maps ;25 cm
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245 1 2 A cold welcome :|bthe Little Ice Age and Europe's encounter with North America /|cSam White
246 1 8 A cold welcome
264 1 Cambridge, Massachusetts :|bHarvard University Press,|c2017.
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300 xii, 361 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c25 cm
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504 Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 0 Introduction, p.1 --|g1.|tWhere everything must be burning, p.9 --|g2.|tSuch great snows we thought we were dead men, p.28 --|g3.|tThe land itself would wage war, p.50 --|g4.|tBitter remedies, p.70 --|g5.|tWe had changed summer with winter, p.88 --|g6.|tDestroyed with cruel disease, p.109 --|g7.|tOur former hopes were frozen to death, p.132 --|g8.|tWinter for eight months and hell for four, p.154 --|g9.|tDeath follows us everywhere, p.186 --|g10.|tSuch wonders of afflictions, p.229 -- Conclusion, p.250 -- Notes, p.259 -- Acknowledgments, p.351 -- Index, p.353.
520 When Europeans first arrived in North America, they found an often harsh and unfamiliar land in the grip of the coldest age for millennia: the "Little Ice Age." Spanish, French, and English alike faced a century of disasters, setbacks, and failures on the way to their first enduring footholds on the continent. All the while, the vagaries and extremes of North America's Little Ice Age climate posed new threats and challenges, shaping the course of colonial history. A Cold Welcome tells the fascinating and often forgotten tale of Europe's first encounters with a new continent, and the first settlements of the US and Canada. Drawing on wide-ranging interdisciplinary research in many languages, Sam White brings together the parallel histories of the Spanish, French, and English in North America, and the Native Americans they encountered, from the earliest expeditions to the perilous first winters at Jamestown, Quebec, and Santa Fe. A Cold Welcome weaves together evidence from climatology, archaeology, and human history to tell a new story of America's colonial beginnings--one both novel and yet relevant and familiar for a world now facing an uncertain future of environmental and climatic change.--|cProvided by publisher
650 0 Europeans|zNorth America|xHistory.
650 0 Indians of North America|xFirst contact with Europeans.
650 0 Human beings|xEffect of climate on|zNorth America.
650 0 Archaeology and history|zNorth America.
651 0 North America|xHistory|yColonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
651 0 North America|xDiscovery and exploration.
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