ANAMED Short-Term Fellowships for Spring 2019

Short-Term Fellowships are available to post-doc and senior applicants for intensive collaborative research opportunities for durations between 2 weeks and 2 months. These fellowships are open to individuals or groups of 2–4 people and are intended to provide support for ongoing projects, such as finalizing a publication or conducting intensive material analysis or conservation-restoration projects. Collaborative fellowships with Koç University faculty, centers, and facilities are preferred. In such cases, applicants must demonstrate previously established connections in the project description, and collaborating Koç University faculty must supply a reference letter as part of the application. Fellowships provide accommodation at ANAMED, five meals a week, and a modest stipend.


  • Applications must be completed at the latest by FEBRUARY 10, 2019
  • Before applying please refer to ANAMED’s Frequently Asked Questions concerning the application process.
  • Questions concerning the fellowship and application process should be directed to anamedapplication@ku.edu.tr.
  • All applicants should complete the application form. (ONLINE FORM)
  • Owing to the functionality of the online form, the application must be completed and submitted in one session without closing the browser window. We recommend, therefore, that application information be gathered and prepared in a different document or place first and then entered into the form and submitted in one session. For a list of information required by in the application form, click here
  • Short-Term Fellowships are residential fellowships open only to non-Istanbul residents. Requests for non-residential Short-Term Fellowships will be denied.
  • Short-Term Fellowships cannot accommodate spouses/partners/companions.
  • Short-Term Fellowship terms are configured on a two-week basis and should always begin on the 1st or 15th of a month. They are limited to between one and four two-week periods and thus can run between a term of two weeks to two months.
  • Recommendation letters should be submitted directly by email to anamedapplication@ku.edu.tr at the latest by FEBRUARY 10, 2019.
  • Recommendation letters should comment directly on the proposed fellowship project and the ability of the applicant to undertake it. For this reason, ANAMED recommends that applicants share project proposals with recommenders in advance.
  • Applicants are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all application information. ANAMED reserves the right to withhold applications from full review owing to incompleteness and/or inaccuracy.


  • Short-Term Fellowships cannot be converted into Regular/Joint Fellowships and vice versa.
  • Unsuccessful applicants and applicants who decline Short-Term Fellowship offers can reapply the following year but should provide an appropriately updated application, including updated recommendation letters.
  • Unsuccessful applicants who have not been awarded fellowships two years in a row should wait five years before applying again.
  • Former holders of Regular/Joint/Short-Term Fellowships can re-apply for a fellowship after five years have passed since their previous fellowship year. For example, if an applicant applied in December 2012 and held a 2013–2014 academic year fellowship, that applicant is ineligible to apply again before December 2018 for a 2019–2020 academic year fellowship.
  • Scholars who have held two ANAMED fellowships are ineligible to apply again.