Landscapes of the Islamic world : Archaeology, history, and ethnography /

Konu Islamic civilization. Rural development History Middle East. Water-supply, Rural History Middle East. Land use, Rural History Middle East. Islamic countries History. Commerce Middle East History. Rural conditions
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245 0 0 Landscapes of the Islamic world :|bArchaeology, history, and ethnography /|cedited by Stephen McPhillips and Paul D. Wordsworth.
260 Philadelphia :|bUniversity of Pennsylvania Press,|c[2016]
300 xii, 253 p. ;|c27 cm.
504 Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 Chapter 1. The materiality of Ottoman water administration in eighteenth-century rural Damascus : a historian's perspective / Astrid Meier -- Chapter 2. The Islamic occupation of Qatar in the context of an environmental framework / Phillip G. Macumber -- Chapter 3. Water management in desert regions : early Islamic Qasr Mushash / Karin Bartl -- Chapter 4. Faunal distributions from the southern highlands of Transjordan : regional and historical perspectives on the representations and roles of animals in the middle Islamic period / Robin M. Brown -- Chapter 5. Zooarchaeological perspectives on rural economy and landscape use in eighteenth-century Qatar / Pernille Bangsgaard and Lisa Yeomans -- Chapter 6. Beyond Iron Age landscapes : copper mining and smelting in Faynan in the twelfth to fourteenth centuries CE / Ian W.N. Jones -- Chapter 7. Ceramic production in the central highlands of Yemen during the Islamic Period / Daniel Mahoney -- Chapter 8. Harnessing hydraulic power in Ottoman Syria : water mills and the rural economy of the upper Orontes valley / Stephen McPhillips -- Chapter 9. The architectural legacy of the seasonally nomadic Ghurids / David C. Thomas and Alison L. Gascoigne -- Chapter 10. The Northern Jordan Project and the "liquid landscapes" of late Islamic Bilad al-Sham / Bethany J. Walker -- Chapter 11. "Presencing the past" : a case study of Islamic rural burial practices from the Homs Region, Syria / Jennie N. Bradbury -- Chapter 12.Sustaining travel : the economy of medieval stopping places across the Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan / Paul D. Wordsworth.
520 Landscapes of the Islamic World presents new work by twelve authors on the archaeology, history, and ethnography of the Islamic world in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central Asia. The collection looks beyond the city to engage with the predominantly rural and pastoral character of premodern Islamic society. Editors Stephen McPhillips and Paul D. Wordsworth group the essays into four thematic sections: harnessing and living with water; agriculture, pastoralism, and rural subsistence; commerce, production, and the rural economy; and movement and memory in the rural landscape. Each contribution addresses aspects of extra-urban life in challenging new ways, blending archaeological material culture, textual sources, and ethnography to construct holistic studies of landscapes.
650 0 Islamic civilization.
650 0 Rural development|xHistory|zMiddle East.
650 0 Water-supply, Rural|xHistory|zMiddle East.
650 0 Land use, Rural|xHistory|zMiddle East.
651 0 Islamic countries|xHistory.|xCommerce
651 0 Middle East|xHistory.|xRural conditions
700 1 Wordsworth, Paul D.,|eeditor.
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