The wandering throne of Solomon : objects and tales of kingship in the Medieval Mediterranean /

Konu Solomon, King of Israel. Solomon, King of Israel In literature. Thrones in the Bible. Kings and rulers in literature. Art objects Psychological aspects. Civilization, Medieval. Mediterranean Region Civilization.
Yazar Iafrate, Allegra,
ISBN/ISSN 9789004305182 (hardback)
Yıl 2016
Yayıncı Brill,Leiden ;|Boston :
Fiziksel Özellikler text|2rdacontent. xiii, 348 pages ;|c25 cm.
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100 1 Iafrate, Allegra,|d1985-|eauthor.
245 1 4 The wandering throne of Solomon :|bobjects and tales of kingship in the Medieval Mediterranean /|cBy Allegra Iafrate.
260 Leiden ;|aBoston :|bBrill,|c2016.
300 xiii, 348 pages ;|c25 cm.
336 text|2rdacontent.
337 unmediated|2rdamedia.
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504 Includes bibliographical references (pages 289-339) and index.
505 0 0 |g1.A KING OF SMALL THINGS, p.29 --|tAn Aesthetics of Prestige: Claiming Solomon's Treasure, p.31 --|tThe Cup, p.35 --|tThe Pillars, p.38 --|tThe Table, p.41 --|tThe Transfer of Metal-Working Techniques, p.43 --|tUnfamiliar yet Beautiful: Sabres and Cuirasses, p.43 --|tCasting Bronze Like Hiram: Lamps and Vessels, p.45 --|tWorking "a louvre Salomon": Spurs, Saddles, Furniture, p.47 --|tConslusions, p.53 --|g2.THE SOLOMONIC THRONE IN CONSTANTINOPLE, p.55 --|tThe Magnaura Throne, p.60 --|tThe Throne in the Byzantine Chronicles, p.66 --|tA Throne for a New Solomon, p.72 --|tThe Case of the Golden Plane Tree, p.78 --|tCourtly Automata, p.84 --|tThe Organ as a Soundtrack for the Empire, p.93 --|tSharing Elements of Kingship: Silks and Precious Objects in Circulation, p.95 --|tConslusions, p.101 --|g3.THE THRONE OF THE RABBIS, p.106 --|tScholarship on the Throne, p.111 --|tThe Throne in Midrashic Literature, p.117 --|tThe Relationship between Legends and Reality, p.121 --|tMidrash Esther Rabba, p.125 --|tMidrash Leviticus Rabba, p.129 --|tTargum Sheni: between Ekphrasis and Reality?, p.133 -|tEnlivening the Scene: The Echoes of the Magnaura, p.145 --|tThe Wandering of the Throne, p.151 --|tThe Reception of Midrashim about the Throne in other Contexts, p.156 --|tConclusion, p.159 --|gTHE THRONE OF SOLOMON IN ISLAMIC WORLD, p.160 --|tJewish Sources for Arabic and Persian Accounts, p.167 --|tLions and Griffins: A Lost Solomonic Throne?, p.176 --|tBuilding Solomon's Throne on Persian Royal Ruins: Takht-i Sulayman, p.184 --|tFlying Thrones and Flying Carpets, p.205 --|tConclusions, p.213 --|gTHE THRONE OF SOLOMON IN THE CHRISTIAN WEST, p.215 --|tMy Kingdom for a Lion: Papal and Imperial Seats, p.215 --|tHenry VI and the Sedes Sapientiae, p.224 --|tSades Sapiantiae and Divine Wisdom, p.234 --|tA Seat for the Virgin, p.236 --|tRabanus Maurus, p.238 --|tGuibert of Nogent, p.241 --|tNicholas of Clairvaux, p.242 --|tRichard of Saint-Laurent, p.243 --|tThe Sedes Sapiantiae as the Throne of Solomon: A Marian Interference, p.245 --|tThe Throne of Solomon as Spiritual Ladder, p.249 --|tConclusions, p.251 --|gA LITERARY ABODE FOR THE THRONE, p.258 --|tThe City of Brass, p.260 --|tThe Jüngere Titurel, p.268 --|tConclusions, p.279.
600 0 Solomon,|cKing of Israel.
600 0 Solomon,|cKing of Israel|xIn literature.
650 0 Thrones in the Bible.
650 0 Kings and rulers in literature.
650 0 Art objects|xPsychological aspects.
650 0 Civilization, Medieval.
651 0 Mediterranean Region|xCivilization.
830 0 Mediterranean art histories - studies in visual cultures and artistic transfers from late antiquity to the modern period,|x2213-3399 ;|vvolume 2.
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