The lost world of Byzantium /

Konu Byzantine Empire Civilization. Byzantine Empire Relations.
Yazar Harris, Jonathan,
ISBN/ISSN 9780300223538 (paperback)
Yıl 2016
Yayıncı Yale University Press,New Haven :
Fiziksel Özellikler text|2rdacontent. xi, 264 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates :|billustrations, maps ;|c24 cm.
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100 1 Harris, Jonathan,|eauthor.
245 1 4 The lost world of Byzantium /|cJonathan Harris.
260 New Haven :|bYale University Press,|c2015.
300 xi, 264 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates :|billustrations, maps ;|c24 cm.
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504 Includes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 0 |tPrologue, p.1 --|t1.Twilight of the Gods, p.6 --|t2.Outpost of Empire, p.34 --|t3.The Deluge, p.60 --|t4.A World Transformed, p.82 --|t5.The Conquest of the North, p.105 --|t6.Paths of Glory, p.127 --|t7.The Long Shadow, p.151 --|t8.The Enemy Within, p.177 --|t9.The New Constantine, p.198 --|t10.An Old Man Remembers, p.219 --|tEpilogue, p.240.
520 2 "For more than a millennium, the Byzantine Empire presided over the juncture between East and West, as well as the transition from the classical to the modern world. Jonathan Harris, a leading scholar of Byzantium, eschews the usual run-through of emperors and battles and instead recounts the empire's extraordinary history by focusing each chronological chapter on an archetypal figure, family, place, or event. Harris's action-packed introduction presents a civilization rich in contrasts, combining orthodox Christianity with paganism, and classical Greek learning with Roman power. Frequently assailed by numerous armies--including those of Islam--Byzantium nonetheless survived and even flourished by dint of its somewhat unorthodox foreign policy and its sumptuous art and architecture, which helped to embed a deep sense of Byzantine identity in its people. Enormously engaging and utilizing a wealth of sources to cover all major aspects of the empire's social, political, military, religious, cultural, and artistic history, Harris's study illuminates the very heart of Byzantine civilization and explores its remarkable and lasting influence on its neighbors and on the modern world"--|cProvided by publisher.
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