Atlas of the ancient Near East : from prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period /

Konu Middle East Civilization To 622 Maps. Middle East Historical geography Maps.
ISBN/ISSN 9780415508018 (paperback)
Yıl 2016
Yayıncı Routledge,New York :
Fiziksel Özellikler text|2rdacontent. 1 atlas, xvii, 318 pages :|bcolor illustrations, color maps ;|c26 cm.
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245 0 0 Atlas of the ancient Near East :|bfrom prehistoric times to the Roman imperial period /|cby Trevor Bryce ; with an introductory section on the prehistoric Near East by Jessie Birkett-Rees.
260 New York :|bRoutledge,|c2016.
300 1 atlas, xvii, 318 pages :|bcolor illustrations, color maps ;|c26 cm.
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500 Relief shown by shading.
504 Includes bibliographical references (pages 291-296) and index.
505 0 0 |t1.The geography and geology of the ancient Near East, p.9 --|t2.Foragers and farmers: early agricultural communities, p.16 --|t3.The prehistory of the Near East: key sites, p.21 --|t4.The homelands of the major Near Eastern kingdoms, p.41 --|t5.Writing systems, p.47 --|t6.A sample of sites where important inscriptions have been found, p.53 --|t7.Trade and mineral resources, p.58 --|t8.The Sumerians, p.65 --|t9.Uruk (Warka, biblical Erech), p.68 --|t10.Early dynastic and old kingdom Egypt, p.71 --|t11.The Akkadian empire, p.73 --|t12.Ur and the Ur III empire, p.75 --|t13.The early and middle Bronze Age kingdoms of western Iran, p.78 --|t14.The Amorites, p.81 --|t15.The Isin and Larsa dynasties, p.87 --|t16.The old Assyrian kingdom, p.89 --|t17.The Assyrian merchant colonies, p.92 --|t18.The Diyala region, p.94 --|t19.The Habur (Khabur) river region, p.96 --|t20.The old Babylonian kingdom, p.100 --|t21.Mari, p.103 --|t22.The cities and kingdoms of Syria in the middle and late Bronze Ages, p.106 -- |t23.The major late Bronze Age kingdoms, p.113 --|t24.The Hittites, p.115 --|t25.Arzawa and the Luwians, p.121 --|t26.The Hurrians and Mitanni (Mittani), p.123 --|t27.The adventures of Idrimi, p.125 --|t28.The middle Assyrian empire, p.127 --|t29.Kassite Babylonia, p.129 --|t30.Middle and new kingdom Egypt, 131 --|t31.The Canaanites, p.134 --|t32.The Syro-Palestinian states attested in the Amarna letters, p.137 --|t33.Hittites and Egyptians in conflict, p.139 --|t34.Troy, p.142 --|t35.Ahhiyawa, p.145 --|t36.Bronze Age Cyprus, p.147 --|t37.The sea peoples, p.150 --|t38.The middle Elamite and Neo-Elamite periods, p.152 --|t39.The age of iron, p.157 --|t40.The Neo-Hittite kingdoms, p.160 --|t41.Tabal, Hilakku and Que (Adanawa/Hiyawa), p.163 --|t42.The Neo-Assyrian empire, p.166 --|t43.The Phoenicians, p.172 --|t44.The Iron Age countries and kingdoms of Transjordan, p.176 --|t45.The Philistines, p.181 --|t46.1st millennium BC Anatolia, p.184 --|t47.Phrygia and Lydia, p.186 --|t48.Urartu, p.189 --|t49.The Cimmerians, p.193 --|t50.Egypt in the Third Intermediate and Saite periods (1069-525 BC), p.195 --|t51.Aeolians, Ionians, Dorians, p.199 --|t52.Two major Bronze Age-classical sites of western Anatolia, p.201 --|t53.The countries of southern Asia Minor in the Graeco-Roman period, p.204 --|t54.Lycia, p.206 --|t55.The ten kingdoms of 1st millennium BC Cyprus, p.208 --|t56.The Medes, p.215 --|t57.The Neo-Babylonian empire, p.217 --|t58.The Arabs, p.220 --|t59.Armenia, p.224 --|t60.The Persian (Achaemenid) empire, p.227 --|t61.The Persian invasions of the western Greek world, p.232 --|t62.Alexander the Great, p.234 --|t63.The Hellenistic age, p.239 --|t64.The Seleucid empire, p.245 --|t65.The Attalid kingdom, p.249 --|t66.Bactria, p.251 --|t67.The Maccabean rebellion, p.254 --|t68.Roman rule in the near East I: from the battle of Magnesia to the settlements of Pompey, p.259 --|t69.Roman rule in the Near East II: from Pompey to Augustus, p.261 --|t70.Herod the Great, p.266 --|t71.Parthia, p.269 --|t72.The Nabataeans, p.272 --|t73.Roman rule in the Near East III: from Augustus to Trajan, p.275 --|t74.The Sasanians, p.279 --|t75.Zenobia, p.282 --|t76.Roman rule in the Near East IV: from Diocletian to the Islamic invasions, p.285.
651 0 Middle East|xCivilization|yTo 622|vMaps.
651 0 Middle East|xHistorical geography|vMaps.
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