Officials and administration in the Hittite world /

Konu Hittites History. Hittites Politics and government.
Yazar Bilgin, Tayfun,
ISBN/ISSN 9781501516627 (hardback)
Yıl 2018
Yer Numarası(LC) DS66
Fiziksel Özellikler xv, 507 pages :illustrations ;24 cm.
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100 1 Bilgin, Tayfun,|eauthor.
245 1 0 Officials and administration in the Hittite world /|cTayfun Bilgin.
264 1 Berlin :|bDe Gruyter,|c2018.
300 xv, 507 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm.
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490 1 Studies in ancient Near Eastern records,|x2161-4415 ;|vVolume 21.
504 Includes bibliographical references (pages [464]-490) and index.
505 0 0 |g1.|tThe royal family, p.15 --|g1.1.|tThe king, p.15 --|g1.2.|tThe queen, p.22 --|g1.3.|tThe crown prince, p.27 --|g2.|tProvincial Administration, p.37 --|g2.1.|tRulers of Appanage Kingdoms, p.37 --|g2.2.|tGovernors, p.76 --|g3.|tThe Top-level Officies of Hittite State Administration, p.97 --|g3.1.|tGal Mesedi, p.97 --|g3.2.|tGal Gestin, p.117 --|g3.3.|tGal Sagi, p.138 --|g3.4.|tGal Dumu.Mes.E.Gal, p.148 --|g3.5.|tLüuriyanni, p.176 --|g3.6.|tGal Kus, p.191 --|g3.7.|tGal Uku.Us, p.219 --|g3.8.|tGal Kartappi, p.231 --|g3.9.|tGal Dub.Sar(.Gıs), p.244 --|g3.10.|tLüantuwasalli, p.271 --|g3.11.|tGal Sıpa and Gal Na.Gad, p.279 --|g3.12.|tUgula Nımgır.Erın.Mes, p.292 --|g3.13.|tOther High Level Officials, p.299 --|g3.14.|tLü Sag, p.324 --|g3.15.|tHittite Military Commanders, p.345 --|g4.|tAdministrative Documents, p.360 --|g4.1.|tInstructions and Oaths and other Regulatory Documents, p.361 --|g4.2.|tLand Donation Texts, p.387 --|g4.3.|tInventory Documents, p.390 --|g5.|tCollective Analysis of the Offices and Officials, p.399 --|g5.1.|tDual Offices, p.399 --|g5.2.|tContiunity and Discontiunity in Hittie Offices, p.407 --|g5.3.|tHierarchy at the Hittite Court, p.413 --|g5.4.|tKinship, Dumu.Lugal, and the Rise of the Lü.Mes.Sag, p.423 --|g5.5.|tHittite Administration as a Patrimonial Organization, p.437 --|g6.|tSummary Conclusions, p.452.
650 0 Hittites|xHistory.
650 0 Hittites|xPolitics and government.
830 0 Studies in ancient Near Eastern records ;|vv. 21.
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